About Us

Art-Malaga© it’s a group of Spanish companies specialized in:

  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Art & Graphic Design
  • Web Programming
  • Applications Developers
  • Filming & Post-Production Video
  • Communication Security Consultants
  • Marketing Campaigns

Our team has worked in TV, Cinema, Gaming Industry, Publicity, Political campaigns… And after many years of experience and recognized works, we form this Cooperative to bring solutions to companies worldwide.

Our purpose is improve the results & productivity of your company by reaching the maximum possible audience, with the best ‘Brand Image’ and more efficient ‘Marketing Campaign’, offering to your clients the best possible service & experience by using the latest technologies.

  • Business Marketing
  • Corporate image
  • Websites
  • Online shops/bussiness
  • Mobile applications
  • Promotional videos.

As usual with all of our works you will receive our 100% support.